Driving in-hand instruction

The carriage driving as a recreational activity is a huge growth. Our years (lifetime) experience with horses and carriage driving, we can driving in-hand instruction professional (certified Orun-driving) business. Stable Brooijmans provides both, single (individual)lessons and driving in-hand courses .

We offer lessons in:

  • single, pairs, four horses
  • tandem
  • horse trials
  • driving in Kordel (single line control)
  • plowing single, double and triple span

Riding instructions

Stal Brooijmans has 2 amazones horse-riding on Z2 level. Both can help you to improve your skills, on drafthorses as well as on riding horses. Lisanne can help you train your (draft) horse. And Joline, in possession of the ORUN diploma, is our official trainer and arranges private lessons.