If it is about draft horses…

Stal Brooijmans is a company that is specialised in draft horses for generations. As the payoff already indicates, Stal Brooijmans deals with the most different activities with draft horses. These activities, focussed on riding in-hand and under the saddle, exist a.o. of:

  • Courses, training and instruction, among others carriage certificate (also for schools)
  • Shows
  • Arrangements and company outings
  • Sale and buy of horses and materials
  • Teaching and training of horses

Stal Brooijmans also offers help with the general care of horses: stables, total hoof care and breeding facilities.


The philosophy of Stal Brooijmans

Stal Brooijmans is a company where ‘The Draft Horse’ and ‘The Client’ are our central focus. With help of the draft horses we can fulfill the specific wishes of our clients and providing a made-to-measure service.

The characteristics of the past and the functional of the present can be found in one horse breed: the draft horse.


You will find extensivel what Stal Brooijmans has to offer you. Please feel free to contact us. If you are interested we would like to suggest a personal talk, to exchange thoughts and ideas and hopefully to fulfil your wishes.

Otan van de Voshoek
for sale
Otan van de Voshoek


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