Learning as a specialty

Stal Brooijmans is originated partly from the working horses in the old days. The farmer used to have horsepower only when working the land. It was already then that Stal Brooijmans trained horses for that purposes for clients.

Also today, the training of (young) horses is one of our specialties. If it is about saddling your young riding horse, learning your horse to work in one-in-hand, two-in-hand or four-in-hand or adjusting unwanted habits of your horse: you’ve come to the right address! We supply a multifunctional training, of course at all ease, honesty and with friendliness for all horses. Already after a couple of weeks you can, under our guidance, ride your horse or put it in front of a carriage.

The various training possibilities are:

  • training, recreational and/ or dressage
  • training at the longe
  • towing
  • one-in-hand in front of a carriage
  • learning in traffic
  • working on kordel

or a combination of the above.